“Hello there,

Welcome to Art Village! Founded in 2014, our aim is to inspire both children and adults to love art and do art. At our studio, we have fun, make friends, and hang out, all while cultivating the creativity and the techniques of each and every individual to their fullest potential. We believe in instilling confidence in our students by regularly holding events and exposing them to various competitions as well. I hope this website sees you well in giving you the opportunity to learn more about us. Go on, enjoy!”


Yours Sincerely, Nyein Su (Founder, Art Village)


Born in 1981. Su Myat Mon (Nyein Su) completed her second degree from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore. Previously, she graduated with B.C.Sc at the University of Computer Science, Yangon in 2003. She has spent over 10 years training at the YAG painting school in Myanmar, specializing in Watercolour and Oil where she combines her understanding and application of both techniques to her artwork.

Her artwork deals with the current and past political concerns of Burma. Living in a country controlled by the military government, she expresses her views on how they manipulate politics by raising the awareness and beliefs of the Burmese and child soldiers. Her works are a combination of both violence and innocence, with the use of pure block colours to express societal preference for artificial beauty arising from the relentless destruction of the natural environment and resources.

She is the winner of ACR painting Competition (2011) and has participated in over 20 group exhibitions nationally and internationally, including Singapore and Korea.