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Students will be taught the fundamentals of using acrylic, watercolor, and mixed media through various colorful and abstract painting exercises and activities during a duration of 10 weeks. Through this course, students will learn to adapt each medium through new, exciting techniques as they combine different mediums (both wet and dry) and basic or advanced color theory together. Various techniques will be taught on how to use each medium to their fullest extent, and students will have the chance to attempt a variety of subjects and their painting styles, such as vibrant watercolor animals, mimicking famous artists paintings, fluid painting, and changing a still life painting to suit each objects texture and color. Basic fundamentals in drawing and painting will be taught along the way, though students are encouraged to widen their perception on what colors and forms can be seen as art! Anything is possible through play, so sign up today and start on your unpredictable journey as you discover your artistic style with us!


During this course, we will focus on:
  • Creative and mixed media artwork completion through several different mediums
  • Developing a student’s fundamental techniques with acrylic, watercolor, and mixed media painting
  • Learning about advanced abstract painting techniques; such as water pouring, how to create thickness and texture, and how to mix unconventional mediums together
  • Developing a student’s color sense by understanding basic and advanced color theory
  • Creating depth, light and darkness in a painting through color
  • Having fun by playing through mediums, and opening our minds to the possibilities of what art can achieve to look like!


Sessions: 12 sessions

Duration: 2 hours

Fees: $600 SGD


For this Abstract Painting course, no artistic knowledge or background is required, and we will supply all materials needed. Ready to begin creating your very own messy art pieces with us? Sign up now to start your play session with new and exciting mediums with us!

Master Slider