Mor Mor (b. 1979)

Yangon, Myanmar

Mor Mor was born in the year 1979 in Yangon, Myanmar. She graduated with Diploma in Computer Arts from the State School of Fine Arts (Yangon, Evening Class), and has participated in various group shows both locally and internationally. As a leading female artist in Myanmar, Mor Mor’s trademark style is her detailed painting of individual water droplets. It is common for painters to explore what it means to live a life on the water; from Inlay Lake to the rivers running through Rakhine State, to the famous Irrawaddy, Myanmar is a country that ebbs and flows with the tide. Through her various series, Mor Mor explores not life on the water but water as life. It is, of course, a core element of human existence and a basic necessity essential for survival. By isolating individual water drops, Mor Mor emphasizes water’s dynamic form, enticing the viewer to see our most basic element in an entirely new perspective.