Each year, Artvillage conducts a wide selection of regular programming for each month of the year for our Level 1, 2, and 3 students. The variation of our available programs changes each month, usually based on the month’s public holiday, season of the year, or an artistic style. Ranging from painting, drawing, mixed media, and inquiry into new mediums, we can guarantee that our students are exposed to a vast variety of what art can strive to achieve. Both dry and wet, as well as 2D and 3D mediums are available for exploration, and each month our students amaze us with their gained knowledge, originality, and growth!


Our regular programming focuses and recycles through either of these basic principles: technical application, creativity, and hand/eye coordination, which we apply through painting, drawing, or the exploration of a new medium. By focusing on one of these fundamentals of learning each month, we ensure that our students are able to gain a wider perspective of not only the variety of art styles presented to them, but also of their capabilities as young growing artists. It is through our programming where we are able to learn of each student’s strengths and weaknesses, and likes and dislikes, allowing us to tailor our teaching methods to suit, nurture, and unleash our student’s creative mind to its artistic potential!


Technical Painting/Drawing

Students will be taught the fundamentals of drawing (perspective, proportion, composition, etc.), painting (color theory, paint application, the importance of light and dark, etc.), and art (line, shape, form, value, space, texture, color, etc.), as we focus on strengthening their basic skills as young artist. Different art theories and various mediums will also be introduced at both beginner and advanced levels, as we often focus on observing a certain artist’s style or way of thinking.


Creative Painting/Drawing

Students will focus on discovering their creative ability and enhancing their mental development, as we encourage their love and curiosity for themes they are passionate about. Art is full of possibility, and can be used as a tool in establishing both personal and social discussions in the modern world through the usage of important themes and the incorporation of certain element in an artwork. It is through creativity in which we strive to promote art appreciation, to strengthen a student’s creativity and independence, and most importantly to teach our students how to see the world through the eyes of an artist.


Arts and Crafts Play

Students will use their dexterity in incorporating both 2D and 3D elements together, as they learn to see objects from a multi-angle and use new tools presented to them. It is through playing with materials in which our students are the most free, and are able to discover their areas of interest as they craft objects that are personal to them. We encourage our students to learn how mediums can work together as compliments, as well as how certain mediums can substitute themselves as a fundamental of painting or drawing in an artwork.


Each program is conducted for a duration of 2 – 5 sessions depending on the complexity of the piece and the age group. After our student’s have completed the assigned monthly program, they are free in choosing what their next artwork would be before the following monthly program commences. We encourage our students to attempt artworks of varying mediums and styles, as this strengthens their knowledge and Independence! No experience is needed and we will supply all materials needed, all that we ask for you to bring is a smile on your face, good attitude, and an eagerness to have fun with us! Sign up now and we’ll see you here soon!


For the month of February, our Creatots, Level 0.5, 1, 2, and 3 students will be celebrating Valentines Day by incorporating Disney animation into the mix! Our students will be creating a range of Valentine’s Day Tsum Tsum Cards, Thumbelina Flower Bouquets, Alice In Wonderland Landscapes, & Princess And The Frog Illustrations! Each level’s program will focus on enhancing a particular creative skill, as students are encouraged to create their own story & characters inside their disney/Valentines Day artwork!

Our Creatots will be creating their own Disney Inspired Valentines Day Tsum Tsum Cards through the use of postercolor, colored paper, & mixed media on paper. Students will create Valentines postcards featuring a tsum tsum of their choosing, which they will learn how to draw using basic shapes, as well as practice their painting, cutting & pasting skills. Students will be exposed to various mediums, as they learn about texture & color through play.

Meanwhile our Level 1 students will be creating their own Disney Inspired Valentines Day Watercolor Bouquets by using watercolor & mixed media on paper. Students will create their own colorful bouquet of flowers by combining different watercolor techniques (e.g. splashing, lines, dripping), colored paper, & crayon together. Students will use their creativity by adding a background, various insects, & magical creatures into their bouquet, by getting inspiration from the Disney movie, Thumbelina. Students will learn various painting, drawing, & crafting techniques.

Our Level 2  students will be creating their own Disney Inspired Wonderland Watercolor Landscapes by using a mixture of watercolor & postercolor. Students will create their own magical landscapes by getting inspiration from the Disney movie, Alice in Wonderland. Students will combine various watercolor & postercolor techniques together, & will use their creativity by creating their own Wonderland with themselves in it, & add various flowers, foliage, magical creatures, & objects into their background.

Our Level 3 students on the other hand, will be creating their own Disney Inspired Happy or Not So Happy Ending Valentines Day Illustrations using watercolor & mixed media. Students will create their own fairytale illustrations depicting a scene of Valentines Day love (or unlove) of their own choosing, combining watercolor & drawing together. Students will learn to use various dry on wet, wet on wet, & overlaying techniques. Students will use their creativity by depicting their own Valentines Day story in their illustration, combining different elements in one scene (e.g. figures, animals, background, foreground).


For the month of January, our Creatots, Level 0.5, 1, 2, and 3 students will be celebrating Chinese New Year by creating their own paper mouse puppets, lion masks, paper lanterns, & learning the art form of one stroke painting! Each level’s program will focus on enhancing a particular crafting or technical skill, as younger students will use various techniques & materials in creating their own multimedia art pieces, whilst older students learn a new art making technique.

Our Creatots will be creating their own Mouse Puppets through the use of paper & mixed media. Students will create a paper puppet of a mouse to celebrate Year of the Rat, where they will learn how to make a puppet with basic shapes & add on designs of their own. Students will also practice their cutting & pasting skills.

Meanwhile our Level 1 students will be creating their own Lion Masks by using paper plates & colored papers. Students will first learn about Chinese lion dance and its role in CNY celebrations (to bring good luck & fortune to places it visits). Students will then create a lion mask using various materials, where they practise their cutting & pasting skills.

Our Level 2  students will be creating their own Paper Lanterns by using a mixture of watercolor & ink. Students will learn about the story of Nian & why it relates to Chinese New Year traditions, after which they will complete an illustrated scene from the story with ink & watercolor on paper. Students will imagine & create their own image of Nian, The Beast, & choose one scene from the story to illustrate.

Our Level 3 students on the other hand, will be learning the chinese painting style of One Stroke Painting using acrylic paint. Students will learn a painting technique called one stroke painting (loading a brush with two separate colors to achieve shading and highlight in one stroke). Students will first choose a flower of their choice which they will then paint, applying basic color theory & compositional skills into their artwork.