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Mor Mor

Saw Lin Aung (b. 1982)

Ton Tae, Myanmar


Saw Lin Aung was born in the year 1982 in Ton Tae, Myanmar. He graduated from the State School of Fine Art in 2004, and works as a full time artist, exhibiting extensively within Myanmar and Internationally. Saw Lin Aung excels in painting water, and more specifically, reflections on water. With realism as his preferred style, his paintings transport the viewer to a tranquil life lived on water, as many in Myanmar’s Inle and Irrawaddy regions do. Some of his best works depict calm water reflecting the sun’s rays and the sky, painted in blue hues – his favourite colour. Saw Lin Aung conveys the tranquility of a life lived on the water. He says: “I love to paint water; clean water gives us a feeling of freshness. The reflection of objects and clouds in the water inspire me deeply, so most of my paintings are concerned with calm water that reflects whatever is around and above it.”