Master Slider

LEVEL 3 (AGES 8 TO 15)


During this course, we will focus on:
  • Introducing a child to both traditional and contemporary art making by discovering themes that they are passionate about
  • Developing their technical skills as they learn both basic drawing (e.g. 1 and 2 point perspective, circle perspective, proportion, etc.) and painting (e.g. color theory, types of blending, painting mediums, etc.) techniques
  • Learning how to combine unconventional art mediums together in order to create their own, unique art pieces and style (e.g. charcoal and ink)
  • Developing their observational skills as they learn how to sense tonal values and color values in the world around them
  • Learning how to compose an artwork together through placement of objects, light intensity, and color choices
  • Developing their confidence, personal style, and creativity through discussion
  • Learning about famous traditional and contemporary artists, where we focus on an artists style or way of thinking
  • Working with both 2D and 3D mediums, as we work towards becoming open minded in terms of what can be viewed and appreciated as art
  • Learning how to compromise an artwork to showcase their strengths and improve on their weakness


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