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Students will be taught the fundamentals of drawing, as they focus on improving their observational & technical skill through various drawing exercises & activities through a duration of 15 weeks. Students will begin this program by learning the basics of proportion & perspective, & how to apply these techniques when attempting both still life & photographic drawing. Students will then learn about tonal values, & how to apply varying high key & low key shading techniques into their work through the use of charcoal, pencil, & pen shading.


Various techniques will be taught on how to use each medium to their fullest extent, & students will have the chance to attempt a variety of subjects & their drawing styles, such as still life, animals, & landscape drawing. Students will also be able to draw on various mediums & surfaces, as they learn how the surface drawn on can compliment the medium used to draw with. Sign up today & start on your artistic journey with the fundamentals needed to become a strong, independent artist!


Sessions: 12 sessions

Duration: 2 hours

Fees: $500 SGD


Ready to begin your black and white adventure with us? Sign up now and join in on the messy, charcoal fun!

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