Amanda Lim | 1993 | Singapore


‘In Buddhism, everything is impermanent and unchanging. This impermanence leads to samsara (suffering), making life far from being perfect. Even an individual’s self is not personal and unchanging. In this series of paintings, each leaf represents an individual in this world, helpless from the suffering, violence and sickness. In seeking peace, there is violence still – must peace and violence always be intertwined? How long will the dictatorship rule? History would only repeat itself.’ – Amanda Lim

Amanda Lim (b. 1993, Singapore) currently work with paint medium and pen(ink). Lim started her training in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Singapore, where she majors in Western painting. Lim went on to further her studies in Degree in Fine Art, where she delves into other forms of expression such as etching, installation and ink drawings. Lim was commissioned by the National University of Singapore Society (NUSS) to paint portraits of their past presidents. Lim is currently teaching art to students of all ages at Art Village.

Amanda draws inspiration from experiences she came across and her interest in myths and fables led her to pull these two contents together, thus forming her own interpretation in these stories.