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Terms & Conditions
  1. Classes are held on a once a week basis during a fixed day and timing (unless informed otherwise) and are non transferable.
  2. Payment for classes must be made within the first 2 weeks of attendance through either cash, cheque, or online transfer payment. For online transfers, please bring along a receipt of your deposit during the students following class.
  3. A registration fee of $30 as well as a deposit equivalent of 1 month’s (4 sessions) fees are collected on a per-signup basis for all recurring monthly packages. Registration fees are non-refundable.
  4. Deposits can be used as payment for the student’s final month of attended classes with us. Please inform us AT LEAST 1 MONTH IN ADVANCE if you would no longer like to continue classes with us. Deposits cannot be used as payment and will not be returned if there is failure to inform.
  5. If the student is unable to attend a lesson, please do inform us at least one day before the said class. No make-up class will be scheduled and last minute impromptu students cannot be guaranteed a space in class if there is a failure to inform.
  6. The date of the make-up class must be communicated to us within the next 1 month of the cancelled lesson, and must be scheduled within the next 1 month of absence. We will forfeit any outstanding make-up classes if they have not been scheduled within this stipulated period.
  7. Make-up classes CANNOT be used to replace fees of a monthly package, and MUST be used during the period in which the student is attending their regular sessions. Make-up classes CANNOT be used after the period in which the student has stopped attending their regular sessions.
  8. Packages must be completed within a stipulated time (12 sessions = 3 months, 10 sessions = 2½ months, 4 sessions = 1 month). An additional 2 weeks will be given to complete all outstanding make-up lessons (applicable only to our 12 sessions/3 month package).
  9. Applicable only to recurring monthly packages, there will still be class even if your lesson falls on the 5th week of a month. Fees will be charged accordingly. We will remind you if there is a 5th week for that month.
  10. If your class happens to fall on a public holiday, we will schedule a make-up class for you. Normal session fees will still apply.
  11. In the case that you have stopped attending classes with us and your artwork is left at either of our outlets, then the student will have 6 months (starting from the date of their last attended class) to come collect their artwork. If the artwork is not collected during this stipulated time, we reserve the right to dispose or recycle it.
  12. No outside materials allowed. We will provide all materials needed.
  13. We reserve the right to use your artwork on our website and social media platforms.
  14. Please note that all our above policies are subject to change without prior notice.
We will send you an email shortly after submitting to confirm your registration!